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40cm2 Exhibition Panels

Contact the exhibitors through the Secretary: contact.

Isobel Brunsdon

‘Long Man of Wilmington’



Emma Butler-Cole Aiken AMGP

‘Glimpse of a Glance’



Peter Berry AMGP




Christine Boyce AMGP




Graham Brant

‘The Craftsman’



Lisa Rochelle Burkl

‘The Centre From Which Everything Proceeds’



Eleanor Carr

‘Sonate Deum Totus Orbis’



Maggie Carr

‘Lengthening Days’




Jamie Clark




Frances Clegg

‘Sky and Sea’



Roy Walter Coomber FMGP




Debora Coombs FMGP

‘Bird in Hand’



Adelle Corrin AMGP




Mike Davis FMGP

‘El Carretero’



Christina Dembinska

‘The Fields’



Rachel Elliot

‘Griffin in the Sky … with Diamonds’



Sarah Evans

‘Harmonic Impressions’


Maria Fagan

‘Deep Blue’




Ginger Ferrell AMGP

‘Virginia Creeper’



Keith Gale

‘Hearts of Lightness’



Alec Galloway

‘Turning Bird’



Máire Gartland

‘Out of the Desert with a Paper Boat’



Dave Griffin




Derek Hunt AMGP




Jackie Hunt

‘Leaf Fall’



Nicola Kantorowicz FMGP

‘Through the Painted Window’ 



Simone Kay

‘Bee-ing There’



Ruth Kersley Greisman AMGP

‘Kursk I’



J Kenneth Leap

‘St Peter’



Pamela Leatherland

‘The Beginning’


Deborah Lowe AMGP

‘Where I Live’




Maria Manighetti-Glenn

‘Hi Everyone!’



Brett Manley




Dora McCormack




John McWilliams

‘Green Man #2’



Rachel Mulligan AMGP

‘Farewell Aidan’



David Palmer

‘Spirit of Place’



Hildegard Pax

‘Geometries 1’



Rachel Phillips

‘I Will Remember You’



Jasmine Plant

‘When the Bough Breaks …’



Sally Pollitzer AMGP

‘Winter Ivy’



Paul Quail FMGP




Alex R




Annie Rie




Helen Robinson AMGP

‘The Peacock’



Refia Sacks

‘African Garden’



Paul San Casciani FMGP

‘Global Warning’



Sue Shaughnessy

‘Toomai of the Elephants’



Jane Slinn

‘The Intercessor’



Julie Snook

‘Medley of Faces’



Jonathan Soper

‘Doves Alight’



Ann Sotheran FMGP




Pippa Stacey

‘After the Rain…’



Michael David Stokes AMGP

‘Four Studies from the Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci’



Wendy Stone




Peter Sutton AMGP

‘There Not There


Jude Tarrant AMGP

‘Fire and Water’




Andrew Taylor FMGP

‘Ancient Memories – Edington’



Aidan M McRae Thomson

‘They Who Watch Over Us’



Lenka Tichá

‘Landscape II’



Sharon Troop

‘After the Garden of Gethsemane’



Tessa Verrecchia

‘Carpe Diem (Seize the Day)’



Jane Vincent

‘The Allotment Story’



Frans Wesselman

‘Song of Songs’



Angharad Whitfield

‘In The Garden (Autumn)’



Christine Rowen Wyard

‘The Spirit Tree’




Hazel Yabsley

‘A Change of Wind’



Sachiko Yamamoto AMGP

‘How Beautiful We Are’





40cm2 Exhibition Panels

Contact the exhibitors through the Exhibition Organizer.


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