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The BSMGP Trust


The BSMGP Trust charity was set up with the goals of promoting and protecting Britain's rich tradition of stained glass and its contemporary practice, by providing education and information about its history, art, production and conservation to the public, as well as to students and practitioners of stained glass and related glass techniques. Its sphere of activities includes:

'(1) the education of the public in the history, art, production and conservation of stained and all other forms of glass by conducting research, lectures, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, visits, and any other means of exchanging information;

(2) the publishing of specialist journals, newsletters, and other related publications, and the maintenance of a library;

(3) the provision of scholarships and grants, and any other form of educational provision or support, to enable individuals who would not otherwise be able to do so, to undertake a course of study; and

(4) the support of training programmes, including apprenticeships, in the art and craft of glass (whether in formal educational establishments or elsewhere).'



To carry on this work, funds are always needed and donations of any amount are gratefully received. You can support us by donating to the BSMGP Trust. You can donate in several ways: 


Donate online

You can make a one-off donation online by clicking the link below. 

 Donate via Paypal 


Donate by post

You can make a regular donation to support the work of The BSMGP Trust by downloading the standing order mandate form below to the Sectretary. For queries, please contact the Secretary

 Standing order mandate form


Donate by bank transfer

To make a donation directly to The BSMGP Trust from your bank account, or for more information about making a single donation, or setting up a regular gift or Gift Aid, please contact the Secretary.


The BSMGP Trust is registered in England and Wales as charity number 1145169. Registered office: 6 Queen Square, London WC1N 3AR.

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