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Flash red on blue

Flash red on blue

Joseph Nuttgens FMGP

Acid etched antique glass, painted, plated One of a series of ideas assimilating "lead" lines and painted lines on layers of acid etched flash glass into delicate, gradual, rythmic changes like Steve Reich"s minimalistic music. The basic design is a square poised at it s diagonal corners on a curve. My studio has a long standing reputation producing stained glass, mostly for churches. I believe the "public" artist needs to be continually informed by the "private" one. Realism, Abstraction, Formalism in the context of architecture some ancient, some great, are not finally resolved but are continuing influences.

Artisan House, – East St – Blandford Forum – Dorset – DT11 7DR
email:joseph @ nuttgens.net

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