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Whither thou goest

Whither thou goest

Ruth Taylor Jacobson AMGP

Acid etched, painted antique glass The gentle, poignant Book of Ruth" is set in the violent, lawless times of the Judges". Naomi emigrated to Moab with her family to escape famine. Years later, bereft of husband and sons, she discourages her Moabite daughters-in-law from accompanying her back to her native Bethlehem. Orpah reluctantly returns to her people, but Ruth refuses to abandon Naomi. Sombre purples express Naomi"s sorrow, glowing reds and oranges convey the warmth of Ruth"s love. On her garments are etched Ruth"s moving declaration: Whither thou goest, I shall go . . . . . Thy people shall be my people". I studied painting and etching at the Slade, which in the early 1960s nurtured my love of the human form. Years later, I was attracted to the emotive qualities of stained glass and studied at the Central St. Martins, where I was awarded a Fellowship. My most personal work explores the history and destiny of the Jewish people.

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