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Be a guiding star above me

Be a guiding star above me

Alison Howie Batterham AMGP

Antique glass, painted. This piece is adapted from a design I am working on at present for a memorial window in a parish church in Co. Donegal. The title is taken from a prayer by St. Columba. The "flower shape" is intended to evoke vibrant life, and the star at the centre relates to both the line in the prayer and the element "air". I try to create a strong rhythmical lead line which I see as the underlying structure of the window. Within this I focus on colour and pattern, using mouthblown glass and often paint. I am interested in exploring traditional painting techniques.

66, Cambray Road, London, SW12 OEP –
Tel:0207 8673 7561   
email:howie.batterham @ tiscali.co.uk

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