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Derek Hunt FMGP ACR

Antique and non-reflective glass, plated, painted and stained. I decided to make a very personal little window about my daughter Ruby. She"s two and a half years old and the apple of her daddy's eye. The subject may be sentimental and saccharine but I love it. I'm interested in photomontage, in playing with layers of transparency and layers of meaning. Painters like Robert Rauschenberg, Davis Salle and Robert Motherwell are an influences. Derek Hunt is a BSMGP Associate, an accredited conservationist, and sits on the council of the BSMGP and the UKIC stained glass section.

Limelight Studios Ltd, Crown House, Main Street, Medbourne,Leicestershire, LE16 8DT –
Tel:01858 565 274   

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