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Butterfly Dance

Butterfly Dance

Christine Rowen Wyard

Antique glass, acid etched, painted, silverstained and enamelled The panel results from this description by Clarissa Pinkola Estes of the Butterfly Dance, a ritual fertility dance performed yearly in New Mexico by Butterfly Woman: ˜She is old and substantial¦ her back is the curve of the Earth with all its crops and foods and animals. The back of her neck carries the sunrise and the sun". I aim here to convey a sense of the vivid, shimmering images experienced in the ritual, visionary state using broad strokes of colour formed by brushed-wax acid etch, stain and enamels. The major influences on my work are the wild landscape of my Exmoor home, and my love of medieval glass, colour and dance.

Culborne Cottage, Porlock Weir, Minehead, TA24 8PQ –
Tel:01643 862807   
email:crwyard_porlock @ yahoo.co.uk

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