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2013-14 Worshipful Company of Glaziers work placement awards

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 1:04 pm    Post subject: 2013-14 Worshipful Company of Glaziers work placement awards Reply with quote

Announcing Work Placement Awards
from The Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass 2013-14

The Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass is pleased to announce that once again they will offer an Award for Excellence, two Ashton Hill Awards and two Professional Development Awards for the year 2013-14. These are work placement Awards. The deadline for entry is Friday 29 March 2013, interviewing Monday 22 April, 2013. They are also offering the Stevens Competition prizes. Application details are available on the Glaziers’ website: http://www.worshipfulglaziers.com.

We would like to encourage you to apply. The aim of all the Glaziers’ Company’s awards is to raise standards of work within the craft, particularly in the U.K., by offering additional learning experiences to enhance the skills of potential workers. Applications are invited from individuals within the first five years of completing their training who are intending to undertake a long term career in stained glass, preferably within the U.K.

The Award For Excellence and The Ashton Hill Award
These awards offer valuable opportunities for those wishing to develop their skills towards a practical career in stained glass. Recipients will be placed in high quality working studios where they will undertake mentored work experience on actual projects with the supervision, guidance and tuition of experienced professionals. The 10 week Ashton Hill Awards are offered to those wishing to develop their skills in conservation and/or glass painting. The 40 weeks Award for Excellence is an enhanced work experience program which provides individual tuition tailored to the needs and interests of the award winner. It is suitable for those with an interest in contemporary and traditional techniques and in conservation. Applications may be considered from exceptional conservators and painters in other media without prior glass experience who wish to expand their practice to include glass working. For both awards up to £250 per week is provided to assist with subsistence, rent and travel costs for the duration of the award.

It can be challenging, even difficult, being away from your home, working what may be long hours, finding yourself less skilled than those around you and needing to do things you have never done before. However the rewards are great and the vast majority of past winners are now working successfully as glass craftsmen.

You can read a bit more about these awards, obtain application details and see lists of the past winners names by visiting the Competitions and Awards pages on the Glaziers website: http://www.worshipfulglaziers.com/award_for_excellence-20.htm and http://www.worshipfulglaziers.com/Ashton_Hill_Award-21.htm

Continuing Professional Development Awards are short duration help for practitioners with at least five years’ working experience to broaden their professional skills, whether by moving towards the attainment of accredited status as conservators, or by developing their creative skills. These awards are particularly aimed at professionals unable to leave their work for long periods. They typically enable attendance at short courses or short studio placements under expert tuition. There will be two Continuing Professional Development Awards offered in 2013. Each award will offer up to £550 for tuition costs and £225 subsistence while learning. The deadlines for application are 31st January 2013 and 28th June 2013. You can obtain application details at http://www.worshipfulglaziers.com/Professional_Development-19.htm

Below are comments from some of the previous Glaziers award winners.

“I'm thankful for the opportunity that the Award for Excellence provided me, particularly my time working with John Patsalides, Alf Fisher, and the Derix family and craftsmen, and the ongoing friendship with Helen Whittaker.” Saga Arpino, A4E 2001-2

“As a summary I would say that glass has been my only income, my only job and my only life, so far.” Sigrid Blekestad, A4E 2003-4

“I'm just about to get started on my first commission. Kiln is in and ready and finishing touches just going on to workshop. I've sorted out a couple of local exhibitions and picked up two more commissions too.” Angharad Whitfield, A4E, 2005-6

“I have to add to this report how important and how much a young person can receive from the Ashton Hill Award. I feel I had learned a great deal about restoring glass, and my own work has greatly improved as can be seen in my latest work.” Annette Smith, AHA, 2002-3

“The Canterbury experience was a real privilege and an invaluable learning curve. For me it was a springboard from finishing my degree in Swansea into taking over a business in Eastbourne. The experience and expert knowledge I gained at Canterbury gave me the confidence to move somewhere new and consider biting the bullet and running my own business. Thank you Glaziers, your investment in my training in Canterbury was well spent. Despite getting a first class degree, without this extra input and specialist knowledge I doubt whether I would have taken the plunge.” Ruth Fisher. AHA, 2003-4

“I am currently working as a painter and glazier at Chapel Studio. I have also done some design work on a small scale. I used unpainted coloured glass in geometric patterns to frame Victorian panels in new lights. I am hopefully, soon to start work on my first ecclesiastical commission for a church in Dorset.” Jamie Clarke, AHA, 2005-6

“I am now a member of the team at the stained glass studios at Canterbury Cathedral. As I told you earlier I had been offered full time work with them and it has almost been a month now since I started. I find it enormously rewarding and am very happy with this direction in my career. I hope that my progress in this field through the placement from the Ashton Hill Award and your knowledge and foresight into what studio was best for my placement will help show what makes these awards so beneficial and invaluable.” Grace Ayson, AHA, 2005-6

Awards Coordinator
Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass
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