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Charteris Room, 1991, Eton College
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Magic Horse,1999, private residence
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Islamic Green Doors, 1994, private residnece

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Alan Baker Associate

I explore the richness of stained glass through using a variety of techniques, including casting and slumping glass, sandblasting and etching, painting with enamels, lustres and gold, to produce free- standing screens, panels and windows.

I work with detail in both traditional European Styles of stained glass and creatively interpreting Islamic art into unique designs. I also incorporate these elements into windows that illustrate traditional stories and folktales. I believe that windows should convey a message and tell a story.

Northway workshops – Dora Carr Close – Maltfield Road – Oxford – OX3 9RG
Tel:01869 242636   
email:al.harlequin@btinternet.comal.harlequin@btinternet.com web:www.bodley.ox.ac.uk/external/al/


  • 1999 : "The Magic Horse". Private residence, Bearminster, Dorset. Hallway.
  • 1994 : Green Doors - "Arabesque". Private residence, Sloane Square, London. Combining geometric and floral elements. Central panels acid-etched with cast glass inserts leaded in.
  • 1993 : Red Screen, Mashareque International, Saudi Arabia. Free-standing screen, mixed media, featuring central glass calligraphy of sandblasted flashed glass.
  • 1992 : "Iznik Window". Private residence, Finchley, London. Inspired by the potters of Turkey. Blue flashed glass, acid-etched and painted with enamels.
  • 1991 : Charteris Room, Eton College. Intriate heraldic design of Lord Cherteris and Eton College Coat of Arms. Painted, stained and acid-etching flashed glass.

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