Most of the Articles of Association relate to running of the society. Here are a couple that are relevant to the membership. For a full list please contact

Article 6:
The membership of the Society shall consist of six classes, viz: (1) Fellows, (2) Associates, (3) Craft Associates, (4) Ordinary Members, (5) Honorary Fellows and (6) Institutional Subscribers, of whom a register shall be kept by the Secretary. The first four classes and the sixth shall be subscribing members, the fifth non-subscribing members. The first three classes shall consist of qualified practising crafts(wo)men and artists and membership of these classes shall thus constitute a professional qualification.

Article 8 (amended): Associates and Craft Associates shall be elected from those who are Ordinary Members of the Society with at least five years’ relevant experience since completion of training.

(i) Associates to demonstrate carrying on the art and craft of stained glass, in good standing, and able to demonstrate competence in design and execution, or design and supervising execution.

(ii) Craft Associates to demonstrate working at the Art and craft of stained glass in good standing, as craftspersons, designer-craftspersons, or conservators/restorers, able to demonstrate competence in stained glass execution, whether it be in glasspainting, design and making, or conservation/restoration. (Craft Associates may produce some original design work, but this may not be the main part of their work, sufficient to allow application for Associateship).

Both classes of persons shall satisfy the BSMGP Selection Board that they have had regular training in the craft and shall pass such examinations and comply with other such conditions as laid down in the Bye-laws and approved by the General Council in accordance with these Articles.

Members who have been elected as Associates and who have paid their annual subscription to the Society are entitled to use the designation AMGP.

Download the full Articles and Byelaws as a pdf (238 kB)