Traditional stained glass window making has been added to the Heritage Crafts Red List of Endangered Crafts. We need your support to save our wonderful art form for future generations. Could you help us please?

Our Goals:

  • To inspire and support a new generation to enter the stained glass profession. Apprentices joining stained glass are currently at their lowest level.
  • To foster a resurgence in stained glass commissions and opportunities. We want to show that a new generation can have a career in the art and craft.
  • To nurture a strong stained glass community. We will support today’s craftspeople as they pass on their skills and experience.

How will the money be used?

  • To encourage young people to explore apprenticeships, work placements and careers in stained glass and to increase diversity within the sector. Today there are less than 50 accredited artists working at a professional level and we hope to double that number.
  • Establish a mentorship programme so that emerging artists have the support they need to help achieve their potential.
  • Help level-up the sector by funding expenses that are barriers to accessing existing opportunities.
  • Enable us to work with our educational partners to showcase the craft industry within schools across the country.
  • Work closely with universities to help apprentices make the right connections and access work experience opportunities.
  • Support national and regional events to introduce the public to stained glass artists and their work, to this appeal and increase networking.
  • Provide information and opportunities for CPD (Continuing Professional Development) to our partners in fields such as architecture and conservation.
  • Begin an outreach campaign to encourage architects and interior designers to use stained glass in new and historic buildings. Only by building a pipeline of new commissions will the British Society of Master Glass Painters succeed in its goal of encouraging a new generation of apprentices to learn the art and craft of stained glass making and to ensure that it is no longer an endangered craft.
  • Support stained glass exhibition and competition opportunities, including the foundation of a new prize at the British Glass Biennale in 2024.
  • Fund an initiative to explore Best Practice to be shared through educational videos on our website. The skills of stained glass design and making are not being passed on in the numbers currently required and many of our contemporary practitioners are expected to retire in the next ten years.
  • Sponsor students and emerging practitioners to attend our popular touring conference, led by experts, to see and discuss historic and contemporary stained glass in situ.
  • Fund a new interactive map on our website to connect studios, resources and sites of stained glass interest. As an endangered craft with dwindling numbers of practitioners, it is especially important to foster a dynamic community.
  • Cover the costs of a Stained Glass Symposium chaired by Heritage Crafts in autumn 2023 to create a detailed plan on how we can reverse our endangered status.

How can you help?