Initially, individuals join as a member and remain so unless they are elected to one of the other categories.

Associates (AMGP)

Following a rigorous application procedure, Associates are deemed to have reached a high level of expertise in designing and producing the art and craft of stained glass.

Craft Associates (CAMGP)

Aimed at those who are expert at making, or restoring and conserving, glass or a combination of these, a prospective Craft Associate has an equally rigorous application process.

Fellows (FMGP)

A Fellow of the Society is elected when they have achieved eminence in the field of stained glass, either creating original work or as a conservator.

Honorary Fellows (Hon FMGP)

Members with a special interest in stained glass can be elected Honorary Fellows when they have served the Society with distinction.

Institutional Subscribers

Institutions such as libraries, colleges and museums may join the Society here.