To celebrate the Centenary of the British Society of Master Glass Painters this year, we are inviting all Members to create an exhibition panel measuring 30cm x 30cm (outside size). There is no theme and no restriction on techniques or materials, provided glass is involved. Entry for the virtual exhibition is free for Members and all work should be new, created specially for the Centenary year. Send your high-resolution image to Accompanying text should include, in this order, Name, Title, Media/Techniques, and up to 40 words about the inspiration for the work. We look forward to receiving your entries here

We have selected 60 panels to exhibit in our Centenary Exhibition tour, which launched at The Stained Glass Museum, Ely Cathedral and then visited Winchester Cathedral. It is currently at All Saints Church in Clifton, Bristol. Open Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm and Sunday 11am to 6pm. Admission free.

You can watch an ITV news item about the exhibition here.

Centenary Exhibition Tour:
Ely Cathedral 17 September – 31 October 2021
Winchester Cathedral 4 – 25 November 2021
All Saints Church, Clifton, Bristol 1 December 2021 – 30 January 2022
National Waterfront Museum, Swansea Spring 2022
Wells Cathedral May – June 2022
International Festival of Glass, Stourbridge 26-29 August 2022
(dates and venues subject to change)

There may be space to join the exhibition later in tour. Email if you would like your panel to be considered. There is a £90 hanging fee and a commission of 40% on any sold works.

Enjoy the online exhibition. Just click on the image to scroll through the panels, and there are more on the following pages.

Nóra Nagyváradi 'East & West 2'
Painted and leaded antique glass. Debitus and Reusche glass paint, silver stain, etched and leaded antique glass. 'The ornaments of our world. Be it the charm of nature, the restoration technique of an oriental porcelain (Kintsugi) or even the decoration of a European engraved glass (inspired by F.P.Zach around 1850) ...... it fades and leaves an impression forever and ever.'
Brett Manley 'Flying Imperial Dragon'
Painted found glass border, handcut stencil and sand carved pink roundel with copper foil. 'Shielded from covid….. Cut off from the studio….. Gathered materials….. Scratched painted flower border on toilet glass found on my allotment. Pink roundel treasured for the right time. Covid was the time! No money to shop. Dragons came out.'
Andrew Taylor 'Handful of Blossom'
Antique glass with acid etching, painting and staining.
Rachel Mulligan AMGP 'The Wine Lovers'
Abraded flashed glass and slab glass, painted and stained. 'During lockdown I have been dreaming of enjoying a glass of wine with my friends and family. I was inspired to make this stained glass panel by the beautiful colours of wine.'
Alan Wright 'Picking up the Threads'
Painted, enamelled, stained and leaded float glass (slightly slumped). 'Emerging from lockdown, I was pulling old bindweed from wire mesh on our hen run, and thinking about connecting with people, while remembering reading Christopher Whall’s book, ‘Stained Glass Work’ and his call for artists to be renewed by Nature.'
Deborah Lowe 'On Bridge 30a'
Painted, silver stained and leaded antique glass. 'Sometimes all you need is rain, Fizz Bomb trees in the spring and a yellow umbrella.'
Jill Fordham 'Kindness'
Coloured glass, vitreous glass paints, copper foil. 'Having been an active environmental campaigner over the last couple of years and having experienced the suffering of the pandemic, I feel that kindness and reaching out to each other and our planet is essential at this time. It feeds us, makes us grow and keeps the world turning round.'
Linda White 'Ode to Woad'
Mostly seeded glass, painted and kiln fired. 'I grow woad to use as a dye. All the colours in this piece are inspired by the plant, from the yellow flowers to the transition of the green leaves turning the fabric from green to an indigo blue. The words are from an Ode to Woad written by my friend, AJB Bourton.'
Rachel Mulligan 'Bleak Midwinter'
Abraded and painted flashed and seedy Lamberts glass. 'Inspired by Christina Rossetti's words to one of my favourite carols. I looked at her handwriting and copied it using a dip pen with pigment mixed with clove oil. I wanted to capture the beauty and chill of snow. Brrrr!'
Mark W Guthrie 'Western Screech Owl in Madrone'
Acid etched flash glass (AC Fischer), double plated, fused glass (Bullseye), vitreous paint, silver stain. 'This piece is my first accomplishment in combining my interest in birds and wildlife with my love for stained glass. It is the first of my owl series, where I will be creating stained glass panels from my own photographs taken in the field.'
Michael Stokes ‘I dream of a better life’
Painted and leaded antique stained glass. Rockingham tracing black and ancient brown from old stock, plus brown enamel paint. ‘This image reflects my thoughts on the desperate and challenging life-style of the street homeless.’
Yuko Higashioka 'Lloyd Park 2020'
Engraved and painted on mouth-blown glass including flashed glass. 'A thank you to Lloyd Park, the friends I met there, the uplifting feeling of the space, trees, animals and rainbow that appeared - all of which helped me through 2020.'
Veronica Smith 'Strix aluco (nocturne)'
Painted, silver stained and leaded antique glass. 'The panel is inspired by walks in my local woodland over the last year, where amongst other species, I can hear tawny owls calling at dusk. It has always been a magical sound to hear for me.'
Jacqui Farrell-Fowler 'St Margaret, Patron Saint of Childbirth'
Antique glass, paint and stain. 'My panel is an allegory for the designer/maker process. The emotion and passion that goes into creating art is likened to the vulnerable state of pregnancy and giving birth. This contemporary fragment panel with its gold-pink and turquoise glass, rescued from the cullet box, reminds me that discarded and underestimated treasures can be fashioned into something surprising.'
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