A permanent exhibition of Western European 16th- to 18th-century stained glass from the Hermitage Museum has opened to the public in the Russian city of St Petersburg

Stained glass panels from Switzerland, Germany and France are now displayed in a permanent exhibition in the Staraya Derevnya (The Old Village), a conservation and repository centre in new premises at the Hermitage Museum. Part of the Hermitage’s collection has gradually moved from the main premises on Palace Square to modern buildings near the Staraya Derevnya metro station (St Petersburg), where many rooms are open to visitors with guided tours. The majority of the stained glass on show comes from the collection of the Tsarskoye Selo Arsenal and the Museum at the School for Technical Drawing of Baron A. Stieglitz (St Petersburg). Among the most interesting examples is a French stained glass panel featuring St Barbara (see detail), which dates from 1508-10.

Published with the kind permission of The Stained Glass in Russia web-portal