The Glass Heart is an exciting exhibition in London featuring significant stained glass panels, both historic and contemporary alongside vessels, engraving, sculptural and studio glass.

‘Beginning in the mid-19th century, and plotting key moments through the UK’s glassmaking history, glass is presented here as an experimental art form for today alongside work from those collections that have grown out of the heartlands of a historic industry. Expressive and amorphic from the initial molten state of its formation, to the reflective and light-transmitting qualities of its final form, dazzling artworks here will shine a light on some of the now endangered traditions of working in glass.’

The Glass Heart is a Two Temple Place exhibition, produced in partnership with Stourbridge Glass Museum, Stained Glass Museum, Ely and National Glass Centre Sunderland. It  was conceived and curated by curator and writer Antonia Harrison and is accompanied by an illustrated publication containing selected contributor essays.

This exhibition continues until April 21st and will be reviewed by Fellow Caroline Swash in the upcoming BSMGP newsletter:

‘Stained glass panels by Burne-Jones, William Morris, Christopher Whall and his brilliant daughter Veronica, Wilhelmina Geddes, Geoffrey Clarke and John Hutton were also on show. Examples of glass work by living artists were just as lively and interesting with Pinkie Maclure’s creation of a gloriously powerful window entitled ‘The Soil 2023’ while hot glass artist Chris Day contributed several versions of his ‘Judge and Jury’ 2023 series. Indeed, the exhibition space contained more than 83 objects for us all to consider and enjoy.’

Visit the Two Temple Place website for visitor information : The Glass Heart – Two Temple Place

Image credits: Rachel Phillips