Our exhibition has generated a huge amount of interest from the visiting public. We are showing contemporary works of art in historic settings that challenge, as well as celebrate, the traditional view of stained glass. We have caught the eye of ITV, who visited Winchester Cathedral to make a news item about the exhibition.

Next stop is All Saints, Clifton where there will be a miniĀ festival of stained glass inspired by the exhibition with free lectures, concert and a drop-in workshop for children. The church is home to an incredible scheme of John Piper windows that broke new ground and are a masterpiece of 20th century art.

From Bristol the exhibition will cross the Severn to Swansea. Then on to Wells Cathedral before heading to the International Festival of Glass in Stourbridge.

So far we have sold six stained glass pieces, demonstrating that there is a market for autonomous art panels. If sales continue, as we hope they will, we will need more pieces to fill the gaps. So if you haven’t got round to making your 30cm squared panel yet there is still time. All the exhibits (up to three per artist) will be shown in our online exhibition.

With next year being the International Year of Glass we are planning to add two northern venues to the tour. Our ambitious plans take a huge effort from our team of volunteers and we would like to thank them, and everyone who donated money to build the stands. The community effort and artistic contributions are indeed worthy of our hundredth birthday!