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    • Canterbury Crafts New Window for Abbey from Long-Lost Glass When Westminster Abbey began work on their new Jubilee Gallery they discovered thousands of pieces of medieval stained glass hidden in the roof space. The glass was sent down to the Cathedral Studios at Canterbury Cathedral where it was given a new lease of life. This short documentary tells the story of this surprising discovery and how the glass has now returned home for people to enjoy once more.
    • Capturing Magic: the Making of Stained Glass This film shows the materials and methods used for making stained glass from medieval times to now. It was shot on location in Ely Cathedral, The Stained Glass Museum in Ely, York Minster, York Glaziers Trust, the Salisbury Stained Glass Studio, and the workshops at English Antique Glass in Wolverhampton.
    • Arts & Crafts Stained Glass A short film by Yale University Press about Arts & Crafts stained glass, with British Society of Master Glass Painters Vice-President Peter Cormack Hon FMGP, author and noted scholar of 19th- and 20th-century British and American stained glass.
    • Glassmaking A series of videos by the Corning Museum of Glass including master classes in glassmaking techniques (mostly studio glass, but also surface techniques such as sandblasting and engraving), and short demos.
    • Recreating a Stained Glass Panel A video by the V&A Museum showing a replica panel being made of a window ‘Christ’s Entry into Jerusalem’, using identical techniques to the original panel.
    • Hallowed Fire: The Art of Evie Hone A short documentary from the collection of the Irish Film Institute about renowned Irish cubist painter and stained glass artist Evie Hone of Dublin was one of a series of artists’ profiles commissioned by the Cultural Relations Committee of the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs. Filmed at her Dublin studio in Marley Park in Rathfarnham in 1950, it explores the artist’s life, creative process and influences.
Centenary Discussion Day 2021

Stained Glass Unbound was the theme for our Centenary Discussion Day. We recorded our four distinguished speakers at Glaziers Hall in October 2021.

Videos about stained glass by our members:
  • Fifty Years of the Master Glass Painters and Much More. Online Webinar with Alfred Fisher MBE, FMGP

    We were delighted to welcome back Alf Fisher to an online Webinar about his many years of stained glass and his memories of some of the characters from the British Society of Master Glass Painters history.

    Alfred Fisher has produced stained glass windows of the highest order for over six decades, and his legacy of work can be found in some of the most prestigious buildings in the land including Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Chequers and the Guildhall. Alf began his career at Whitefriars Studio in the 1950s, where he was an early pioneer of fusing glass for architectural settings and became their last Chief Designer before co-founding Chapel Studio with Peter Archer in 1973. He is a past Chairman and Hon. Secretary of the Society and now Vice-President. In our centenary year, he will talk about some of the people he recalls from sixty years ago and the influences on his own work, from Erwin Bossanyi to John Piper and John Hutton.

    During the recording of this lecture there were problems with Wifi connections so the sound quality is quite poor. The subtitles need to be turned on with the cc button.

  • David Williams and Stephen Byrne Videos about glass painting that are beautifully put together and have become a great resource for even the most experienced glass painters. You can see more of their short films here.
  • Gilroy Stained Glass John and Laura Gilroy AMGP originally trained in the UK and worked with Roy Coomber FMGP, before setting up a studio in Canada. The short video on their website shows the importance of working within a stained glass tradition.
  • The Art of Stained Glass (2017) A short video about Rachel Mulligan AMGP’s stained glass process. In it she engraves and paints a small roundel of a fox.
  • Of Lead and Light A short film by Colin Stokes AMGP. Colin, whom we sadly lost in 2018, made stained glass windows and bred rare breeds of sheep for their wool. He was also known for building a remarkable shepherd’s ‘hut’ in rural Wiltshire, the subject of our New Year’s Dinner lecture.

British Pathé
We love exploring this historical collection of films; there are numerous short documentaries and reports full of insights into the world of stained glass. Enjoy the clipped accents and jolly soundtracks!

  • The Glass Painter (1928) A silent film, this astonishing early example shows James Silvester Sparrow at work.
  • Class Glass! (1939) Here is a very quick and jaunty guide to the process in less than two minutes, filmed in a Tyrolean church.
  • Stained Glass 1940-1949 (1940s) An educational and riveting ten-minute film about the making of a stained glass window in that decade.
  • Stained Glass Windows (1951) The finishing of a window in James Powell & Sons Whitefriars Wealdstone workshop, thought to include footage of E. Liddall Armitage FMGP, Mr Harman, Fred White, Ernie Southwood and Bob Holloway AMGP. Less than three minutes of pure joy in full colour!
  • Tribute to Mrs Mop (1961) A brief introduction to stained glass by Frederick W. Cole FMGP which celebrates the charwomen and local workers at Christ Church, Blackfriars, Southwark
  • Stained Glass (1963) Begins with traditional glasspainting and moves into the creation of dalle-de-verre or slab glass panels set in concrete for the ‘new’ architecture. We think this might have been filmed at James Powell & Sons, Whitefriars.