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Zoom lecture with Steve Clare

The British Society of Master Glass Painters has led in the research and understanding of London glass painters originally from the Low Countries in the 16th and 17th centuries, predominantly through the fantastic work of the late Michael Archer, and the more recent and excellent research by Geoffrey Lane.

Steve Clare has been fortunate to conserve some very significant examples from the period and study them in close quarters. This presentation will set the development of the glass painters and stained glass in the wider European artistic context, and draw parallels with his own heroes in art, with particular emphasis on portrait painters.

Along the way, Steve will discuss major conservation projects including King’s College Chapel and Peterhouse College Chapel in Cambridge, St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, The Vyne and Abbot’s Hospital. There will be plenty of detailed images of this fascinating and beautiful glass to enjoy.

Join us on Thursday 9th February at 7pm for a fascinating talk. Members only pay £4.25 (£5.00 full price) so book now as tickets are limited.

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