Ukrainian Stained Glass Article


Journal of Stained Glass 2016 article by Oksana Kondratyeva

Ukrainian stained glass artist and art historian Oksana Kondratyeva is a longtime BSMGP member and a regular contributor to The Journal of Stained Glass. For Vol. XL, she researched and wrote the first English-language account of stained glass in the Ukraine: ‘New Light on Ukrainian Stained Glass’ with around 20 illustrations, many of them her own photographs.

Ukraine’s stained glass is a cultural phenomenon, complex and many-sided. From stained glass in medieval Kyivan Rus to folk painting on glass and masterpieces of Secessionist art with distinguished slab-glass constructions, right up to the contemporary stained glass of interdependent Ukraine, it proves to be a remarkable episode in the history of European art.

We see the appalling scale of human tragedy each day in the news. The precious architecture and stained glass described here is under heavy shelling and only too fragile; as Oksana points out ‘And now it is hard to estimate the scale of damage to cultural heritage in just less than one month’.

We are asking for £5 to download this informative PDF (4MB) with all proceeds going directly to humanitarian aid in the form of first aid kits to the stricken communities in Lviv and Kyiv.

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