Recorded Lecture with Rona Moody


William Wilson: A Scottish Voice in Stained Glass

William ‘Willie’ Wilson (1905-1972) died 50 years ago, having produced a tremendous body of work,  yet he is scarcely known outside his native Scotland. Although recognised at the time as one of the leading engravers in Scotland in the 20th century and as a producer of rich watercolours, it is his work as a stained glass designer and maker that particularly stands out and has finally begun to be recognised. His sense of colour and meticulous approach to detail set him aside from many of his contemporaries. He was acutely concerned with appropriateness to setting and his sense of place can be seen in his commissions for cathedrals as well as small parish churches.

Although his career was tragically cut short by illness, his support and encouragement for new makers helped ensure that Scotland (as The Scotsman reported), could hold its own amongst the best in the world. This talk looked at his life and career within the context of 20th-century stained glass. Rona Moody, a leading expert on William Wilson, shared her knowledge in a lively and engaging lecture that was recorded on Zoom.

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