stained glass artist at work

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Location: South West
Settings: Places of worship
Techniques: Acid etching, Painting / staining
Specialisms: New commissions
Additional: Teaching

Andrew was born in South Africa. He acquired a BA in Fine Art Painting at Cardiff Art College. After starting a career as a theatrical set painter he then was irresistibly drawn to stained glass and has now been making windows for nearly three decades, primarily for churches, across the range of religious denominations.

He and family moved to rural Wiltshire where he gets much inspiration from landscape and nature and from music. He has an understanding of symbolism and imagery of the Liturgy stemming from a religious school education.

Andrew uses traditional techniques of painting on handmade antique glass. In his words 'Painting the glass is a most important part of the process. Working with the vitreous glass paint, with figurative or abstract imagery, one can express intangible things with the energy of the paint and imbue the glass with another dimension of meaning'. Andrew also gives individual tutorage or small group lessons in glass painting.

Life of John Wesley (detail) 2018
Bristol New Room, Wesley Centre, Bristol.1.8m x 3.7m
stained glass window
East Window 2010
St Francis of Assisi Church, West Wickham. 7 light and tracery
St John the Evangelist 2005
St John's Church, Tadworth. 2m diameter
stained glass panel
Sacrifice and Passion 2013
Martyr's Chapel, Pewsey. Double door
stained glass panel
St Stephen Window 2013
Martyr's Chapel, Pewsey. 1m wide
stained glass panel
St Thomas More and John Fisher 1994
St Simon & Jude Church, Streatham. 2.4m high