stained glass artist at work

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Location: Yorkshire & The Humber
Settings: Homes, Places of worship
Techniques: Acid etching, Painting / staining
Specialisms: New commissions

Ann Sotheran FMGP lives and works in York. Having studied 3D Design at the Art School there she began working as a studio assistant to Harry Harvey FMGP before establishing her own workshop in 1987. Whilst continuing to work on Harvey’s designs she began to develop her own style of stained glass, which she makes herself (and sometimes installs) for places as far apart as Chester and Berwick-on-Tweed.

Primarily designed and made for churches, there are plenty of opportunities to create pieces for private houses and pubs. Ann uses the traditional English techniques of glass-painting, staining, etching and leading, using a range of glass. Sometimes sand-blasting and copper foil may be used depending on the nature of the design.

Inspired by a keen interest in the natural world, bold colour and a love of lettering, Ann’s work lends itself to most settings.

Baptism window (detail) 2012
St Mary’s Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire. Antique glass painted, stained and leaded. 3 lights each 2.7m x 15m
Tree of Life 2006
Lady Chapel, St Margaret’s, Brookfield, Middlesbrough. Antique glass, painted and leaded. Three lights each 1.9 x 0.4
The Risen Christ 2005
East Window of the Ridley Chapel, St Boniface’s Church, Bunbury, Cheshire. Antique glass, paint, silver stain, acid-etching and leaded. Five lights each 4m x 0.5m
stained glass panel
Barn owl (detail) 2016
Private house in York. Antique glass etched, painted and leaded. 1m x 0.7m
Astronomical Window 2008
Private house near York. Flashed antique glass with some opalescent and glass nuggets. Sandblasted and leaded. Approx. 1m diameter
Personal memorial window (detail) 2006
Lady Chapel, St Thomas-on-the-Bourne, Farnham, Surrey. Antique flashed glass, paint, acid-etching and leaded. Approx 2m x 0.4m