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Location: USA
Settings: Art collections, Homes, Public buildings
Techniques: Acid etching, Kiln formed glass, Painting / staining
Specialisms: Exhibition work, New commissions

Ginger Ferrell became obsessed with stained glass in Florida in the early 1970s when she began working with copper foil to create plant forms. She moved to London in 1983 where she embraced the Arts & Crafts tradition of leaded, acid etched, stained and painted antique glass. Debora Coombs opened a door for her into free-style glass painting using propylene glycol. Master Classes at North Lands Creative Glass in Lybster, Scotland introduced her to the world of fusing.

As a member of the Women’s International Glass Network, she has exhibited in Japan, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, America, England, Australia, and France.

Returning to the USA in 2008, Ginger now works from her home studio in the woods north of Charlottesville, Virginia. Her current work explores ways of incorporating fusing into architectural glass and exploring new techniques and reactions with Bullseye glass.

Beautiful Björk 2005
Private collection, London. Brass framed, leaded antique and machine rolled glass. Etched, and plated, with paint, enamel, high fired silver stain on front. 965mm x 480mm
Stairwell 2008
Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. White acid etching on both sides of float glass. 5m x 1.6m
Ouroboros 2016
Swansea, Wales. Fused and painted Bullseye glass. 530mm x 430mm
Tears of the Albatross 2004
Toronto, Canada. Zinc-framed, leaded, painted, stained, antique glass with fusing and screen printing. 885mm x 500mm
Happy Yellow, Happy Yellow! 2004
Private commission, New Malden, London. Leaded, acid etched and painted antique glass. 500mm x 900mm
Things Blong Vanuatu 2005
Vero Beach, Florida. Leaded and painted fused Bullseye glass, stringers and frit with copper foil, WWII San Francisco coke bottle fragment. 460mm x 350mm