With its interdisciplinary approach, The Journal of Stained Glass covers all aspects and periods of stained glass, making it an invaluable resource for historians, students and anyone with an interest in the medium, as well as for designers, craftworkers and conservators. Featuring wide-ranging articles by recognised experts in the field, each issue includes a provocative guest editorial and sections on: the History of stained glass; Research & Methodology; Contemporary Practice; and Technical Inquiry; along with a New Work Portfolio, reports on recent prizes and awards, exhibitions and obituaries, and a comprehensive book review section. The Journal of Stained Glass is the only English-language publication to cover all of these subjects in depth.

The scope is strongly international, with articles on stained glass in the Ukraine, Iceland, Australia, Canada, Poland, Ireland, Australia and the United States, as well as from the United Kingdom! Themed issues include: the Medievalism Special Issue; The Glass House Special Issue; Burne-Jones Special Issue; America Issue; Scotland Issue, and The Stained Glass Collection of Sir John Soane’s Museum.

Each volume usually includes a minimum of 200 pages with well over 100 colour illustrations.

Sandra Coley Hon FMGP is Editor, for enquiries about submissions contact journaled@bsmgp.org.uk


Vol. XLIV (2020)

ISBN 13 978 1 9169040 0 2 208 pages, 200+ illustrations, most in colour and large scale

Our 2020 issue reflects stained glass in the Pandemic, beginning with the poignant front cover and guest editorial by American artist Judith Schaechter FMGP. Articles are international in scope, even to the moon and back! These juxtapose the work and experiences of two early Royal College of Art stained glass graduates Harold Rhodes and Charles Sidney Groves, who respectively practised and taught in the north of England and in South Africa. A rare example of German Expressionism in stained glass is explored at a Camphill community in northern Scotland, and the discovery of the original East window by William Warrington for a village church in Smeeth, Kent is examined in the context of the commissioning process for its 1960s replacement. New research documents the complex changes over a century to a Munich-made iconostasis in Ukraine. More recent history is rounded off by the remarkable Nebula stained glass scheme by Stephen Wilson at the ‘church of the Astronauts’ in Houston, Texas. The recent exciting discovery and reinstallation of significant medieval stained glass canopies at Wilton House is amplified by conservation and art historical analysis.

Contemporary Practice covers Prizes & Awards given by the Glaziers Company during 2020, and the impressive range of commissions completed by BSMGP Fellows and Associates, despite the Pandemic. Eleven in-depth reviews of new publications are followed by detailed obituaries for Rosalind Grimshaw FMGP and for Burne-Jones scholar and National Gallery of Canada Curator Emeritus Dr Douglas Schoenherr (whose expert contributions have graced former JSG issues), and by tributes to long-time BSMGP members George Wigley and Paul Sharpling.

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Vol. XLIII (2019) Medievalism Special Issue

ISBN 13 978 0 9568762 9 4 268 pages, 238 illustrations, most in colour and many large scale

Martin Harrison FSA is the Guest Editor of this richly illustrated and expanded Special Issue devoted to a ground-breaking overview of Medievalism Studies. With an extensive range of stained glass from the Middle Ages to the Gothic Revival, new research explores the history of – and evolving approaches to – the medieval tradition. Harrison introduces articles on the early evidence of silver stain at York Minster; a pioneering survey of Saffron Walden’s glaziers active in the fifteenth century; the recent conservation of important late-medieval glass at Winchester Cathedral; pre-1700 heraldic glass in the county of Essex; Georgian ambitions to ‘surpass’ medieval art with enamel-painted glazing at Norwich Cathedral; some current theories of the phenomenon of vitreous iconoclasm; a detailed examination of the cultural and political impact of 17th-century domestic windows brought from France to Quebec; the transition to medievalism in English stained glass in the early 19th century; contemporary documentation of stained glass restoration and repair across Great Britain by Victorian architects and craftsmen; and the influence of Late-Gothic and Renaissance glass on the work of Burlison & Grylls in the Victorian era.

Contemporary Practice showcases the Grange Gallery exhibition 'Inspired by Burne-Jones', along with stained glass shown at the British Glass Biennale 2019 and Prizes and Awards given by the Worshipful Company of Glaziers. Recent commissions by BSMGP Fellows and Associates are illustrated and described in the New Work Portfolio. Nine in-depth book reviews are followed by obituaries and appreciations for Christine Boyce AMGP and Dr David Martlew Hon FSGT.

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XLII (2018)

ISBN 978 0 9568762 8 7 176 pages, 220 illustrations, most in colour and large scale

Covering stained glass from Wales to Russia, the issue begins with a guest editorial introducing the new look and resources of our BSMGP website. Historical articles explore stained glass in the Russian Empire, with an in-depth history of the successful 19th-century studio of Wladimir Swertschkoff; a study of Christopher Webb’s 20th-century Benedicite windows (beautifully illustrated with comparative designs, cartoons and completed windows); an account of the modern stained glass cautiously embraced by the Diocese of Llandaff in the 1950s and ‘60s; and a report on a remarkable collection held by the Society of Antiquaries of Kempe Studio cartoons made for the restoration of Tewkesbury Abbey’s medieval stained glass.

Contemporary Practice features the cover story describing the complexities of a Royal Commission: new glass doors for the Private Chapel of Her Majesty the Queen in Windsor Great Park. Plus the Glaziers Company Prizes and Awards won in 2018 and the successful Reflections of the Lord Mayor roundel competition offered each year. A 24-page portfolio richly illustrates the latest commissions by BSMGP Fellows and Associates. Conservation and reconstruction projects at the Rosslyn Chapel and Mackintosh's famous Willow Tea Rooms bring us up to speed on technical inquiry in Scotland, followed by detailed book reviews. Obituaries and tributes are published for our distinguished Hon. Fellow, Dr Nicola Gordon Bowe, for Victor Drury and for Colin Stokes AMGP.

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Vol. XLI (2017) The Glass House Special Issue

ISBN 13 978 0 9568762 7 0 304 pages, 125 illustrations, many large scale

A much-expanded Special Issue devoted to the Glass House, the remarkable enterprise by Mary Lowndes and Alfred Drury just over a hundred years ago that led to a golden age of opportunity in British stained glass. Wilhelmina Geddes, Karl Parsons, Hugh Arnold, Moira Forsyth, Alan Younger, Theodora Salusbury, Christopher Whall, Margaret Chilton, Henry Holiday, John Hayward, Martin Travers, Mabel Esplin, Herbert Hendrie, Joan Fulleylove, Joseph Eddie Nuttgens, Keith New, Baron Arild Rosenkrantz, Caroline Townshend, Joan Howson, David Hillman, Robert Anning Bell, Margaret E. Aldrich Rope and Margaret Agnes Rope: just some of the artists who had studios in the Glass House or had their work made there. It is no accident that so many of these names belong to women stained glass artists, and in this year of the centenary of Women’s Suffrage, it is good to reflect that Mary Lowndes’ initiative also led to the emancipation of women in the work place, one we’re all very fond of at the BSMGP: the stained glass studio. These artists' windows throughout the UK and as far afield as Khartoum and Adelaide are testament to the importance of the Glass House in stained glass history.

BSMGP member and author Alan Brooks carefully transcribed the business records of the Lowndes & Drury Archive, now held in the Archive of Art and Design in the Victoria and Albert Museum. Working with our Hon. Fellow Peter Cormack MBE, the issue now includes 3500 records and their evaluation, along with biographies of each of the 160 artists involved. Cormack’s guest editorial explores ‘The Glass House: a Great Feminist Enterprise’.

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Vol. XL (2016)

ISBN 978 0 9568762 6 3 192 pages, 165 illustrations, many large scale

Guest editorial on sketching stained glass and what it can teach us. Features a detailed study of D’Ascenzo Studios, whose stained glass was popular in the US in the early 20th century, as well as the first thorough account of the evolution of Ukrainian stained glass to the present day. Records from the Kempe Studios are investigated for their research potential; and Technical Inquiry is devoted to an innovative conservation programme for important 14th-century glazing at Exeter Cathedral. Contemporary stained glass includes the collaborative Swansea Glass Beacon project, Glaziers awards and prizewinners, and an extensive New Work Portfolio. Plus a report on Tiffany at auction, 12 book reviews and obituaries for Roy Coomber FMGP, Kathy Shaw-Urlich AMGP, Crear MacCartney and Peter Gibson OBE.

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Vol. XXXIX (2015)

ISBN 978 0 9568762 5 6 192 pages, 165 illustrations, many large scale

Guest Editorial by Dr Simon Bradley on stained glass in Pevsner’s Buildings of England series. In-depth studies of Henry Holiday’s important scheme for a New York hospital and work by H. J. Burrow and George Parlby for Powells & Sons, as well as biographical data on the Burrow family. Contemporary practice covers the rewards of creating glass and mosaic in children’s schools, the powerful work of Israeli artist Ardyn Halter, New Work Portfolio by Members & Associates, and annual prizes in the UK. Also features the origins of transfer printing on glass with its use of stained glass imagery and the challenges of its restoration. Concludes with a review of Australian exhibition on the stained glass of William Bustard, 9 book reviews and 3 obituaries.

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Vol. XXXVIII (2014)

ISBN 978 0 9568762 4 9 192 pages, over 190 illustrations, many large scale

Celebrating its 90th year of publication, this issue also commemorates the WW1 Centenary with a cover article by Peter Cormack on stained glass artist Hugh Arnold (1872-1915), whose distinguished career was cut short at Gallipoli. Historical articles cover the extensive Yorkshire legacy of Belgian artist Jean-Baptiste Capronnier (1814-1891) and the expressive impact of early 20th-century German stained glass in Pittsburgh. The powerful stained glass of Holocaust survivor Roman Halter is traced, as well as an enticing road trip through France highlighting the variety of techniques and imagery adopted by contemporary glass artists. A rich portfolio of new work by Fellows and Associates this year is complemented by an Olympic commission for Coventry exploring the journey of Lady Godiva and by a well-illustrated analysis of the techniques and history of acid-etching. An insightful guest editorial on stained glass education from Rachel Phillips, tutor at Swansea College of Art, University of Wales Trinity St David exhorts every reader to take up the challenge in these difficult times of furthering all aspects of stained glass!

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Vol. XXXVII (2013)

ISBN 978 0 9568762 3 2 192 pages, 150 colour illustrations, many large scale

This strongly international issue begins with a guest editorial on the complex ethics of stained glass conservation focusing on the state of practice in Spain, along with two articles on American stained glass firms: the Victorian partnership of John and George H. Gibson in Philadelphia, and Charles J. Connick’s modern and Art Deco commissions produced from his Boston studio. Important work by British artist Henry Holiday for Philadelphia patrons is examined along with Arts & Crafts stained glass by Christopher Whall in Middleton Church, Lancashire. Technical Inquiry publishes the issues involved in conserving rare Catalan cloisonné stained glass and the concluding article on the conservation of glass in the Royal Apartments of Stirling Castle in Scotland. Plus a comprehensive study of the variety of marks used by the famous Kempe studio, and an outline of the work and collections of the London Stained Glass Repository. A Portfolio of New Work, and recent prizes and awards and seventeen book reviews round off the issue.

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Vol. XXXVI (2012)

ISBN 978 0 9568762 2 5 224 pages, 175 colour illustrations, many large scale
stained glass window

From A. W. N. Pugin’s first painted glass to John Piper in Wales, from mid-18th century armorials to the Diamond Jubilee window at the Queen’s Chapel of the Savoy: this is a richly illustrated issue covering new glass devoted to the 2012 Olympic games, the careers of John Beare and William Price the younger; early American windows for Trinity, Wall Street, New York; the work of J. W. Brown for Powell & Sons with a comprehensive list of international windows; recent prizes and awards for stained glass, new heraldic glass for Stirling Castle and much more. Includes a guest editorial by Douglas Hogg FMGP, 18 book reviews and an obituary for Keith New FMGP.

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stained glass window