As the British Society of Master Glass Painters enters its second century we are redoubling our efforts to stop the decline of the Art and Craft of stained glass and to introduce stained glass to a new generation of homeowners, art collectors and professional specifiers such as architects and interior designers.

Our vision, ultimately, is to increase commissions and with it the numbers of young people who will see stained glass design and making as a viable career option. By bringing new buyers and practitioners into the sphere, we also hope to provide the limited pool of established stained glass makers and artists with new opportunities so that they are able to take on apprentices and directly transfer their valuable knowledge and experience to others.

Heritage Crafts have recently added stained glass window making to its Red List of Endangered Crafts – underlining how critical it is for the Society and our volunteer Council to raise awareness of the decline and to encourage a renaissance in the many uses of stained glass. You can read more about the Red List announcement here.

We continue to support our Members with our Journal of Stained Glass, touring conference, lectures, exhibitions, our regularly updated website with its many resources, and much more.

Our Conservation Working Group is there to represent and support the stained glass conservation and restoration community.

We will shortly be launching our Artists Working Group to focus on our professional artists and enthusiast community, supporting new exhibitions and networking opportunities such as our annual Discussion Day.

Our Study Working Group will look after our historians, scholars and researchers to safeguard our knowledge and understanding of stained glass and to continue adding resources for future study.

Read about why stained glass window making (traditional and historic windows) is now an endangered craft in the UK here.

The British Society of Master Glass Painters will soon announce a programme of events and initiatives that support the vision and strategy of the Society. If you would like to know more please email Deborah Parkes.