stained glass artist

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Location: Scotland
Settings: Homes, Places of worship
Techniques: Acid etching, Painting / staining
Specialisms: New commissions

Emma Butler-Cole Aiken is a stained glass artist working in Selkirk, Scottish Borders moving there recently after many years in Edinburgh. Her love for stained glass began at Edinburgh College of Art in the 1980s where she was taught by Douglas Hogg FMGP. Since then she has undertaken over seventy commissions both large and small for public and private buildings.

Inspiration often comes from natural forms and landscape, now more accessible since moving to a rural area. This has brought about a sense of renewal and freedom in her work. Emma uses mostly traditional stained glass methods, sometimes including fused elements. Rejecting the blandness of commercially available fusing glass ranges, Emma fuses exclusively with English Antique Glass (EAG Company) to create lively and somewhat unpredictable elements.

In 2011, Emma received a Saltire Society Commendation for Art in Architecture for her Rose Window Dove of Peace in Broxburn Parish Church.

Dove Rose Window 2009
Broxburn Parish Church, West Lothian. Painted, stained and leaded glass. Diameter 2.5m
Hellebores 2010
Edinburgh. Etched, painted, stained and leaded glass. 1.5m x 1m
Celtic Journey (detail) 2015
Edinburgh. Etched, painted, stained and leaded glass. 19 panels each 420mm x 500mm
Honesty and Teasels 2013
Edinburgh. Sandblasted, painted and stained glass. 0.3m x 0.9m
stained glass window
Windows of Blessing 2013
Whitburn South Church, West Lothian. Etched, painted, stained and leaded glass. Two lights each 1.5m x 0.4m
stained glass window
Window of Peace 2015
St. Cuthbert’s Church, Colinton, Edinburgh. Etched, painted, stained and leaded glass. 2m x 1.4m